Bill and Melinda Gates Divorce 2021 Update

 I had just about four or five hours to prepare this chart reading. And what I wanted to share with you guys is in a chart what triggers a divorce? And there are a few factors here I want to mention. The first one is the Ketu period or what I call “The Be-header”; the period of the Second Lord which means “Leaving the spouse for a new partner”; the period of the Sixth Lord which is “Conflict, arguments, discord that causes divorce and fighting”; the Eight Lord period is when the “Spouse suddenly leaves and that leads to a state of shock”. Finally, we are going to check the Vimshottari Dashas to confirm all of this. 

The next aspect of a divorce when we look at someone’s chart, we look at the Eight house and it will show how you will recover in the event of a divorce. The Eight House means “the joint assets within the marriage”. It is the Second House from the Seventh House; so think about it, it’s almost like the spouse’s second house, so it means the assets the spouse brings to the marriage. If the Eight House is afflicted, expect the recovery from the divorce to be very difficult and painful. If the Eight House is good, then the divorce can go very smooth. So this depends of course, if people have Eight Houses and there’s Saturn or Mars or both planets aspecting that house because it will slow down the recovery because Saturn slows it down, so it would be a very long recovery from that divorce.

The next thing I want to point out is the psychic trauma from a divorce. Marriage is a form of validation. Society generally approves of a marriage. This is reflected in the Seventh House, one of the four pillars of the chart which are the “Kendra” Houses 1, 4, 7 and 10. When we are looking at social validation, we are looking for validation from outside ourselves (which the Yogis tell us we should look for validation from within ourselves). But here’s a very quick explanation of the Kendra houses. The First House is represented as your body; the Fourth House is the place you live in; the Seventh House is your marriage, who you’re married to; your Tenth House is represented as your career. So the Seventh House is a form of social recognition; divorce is the opposite of the marriage. It is often a form of psychic and emotional invalidation. So imagine with a divorce or if you have been through a divorce you can acknowledge the trauma on the Ego is extreme because either you are rejecting somebody else or somebody else is rejecting you.

Sadly I don’t have the birth information for Melinda Gates, so I was only able to analyse Bill Gates birth chart. 

Bill Gates was born October 28th, 1955 at 21:05 in Seattle, WA. He’s a Gemini Ascendant.

He has been in Mars “Mahadasha” since December 15th, 2018 and will change “Dashas” on December 15th, 2025. Notice Mars rules the Sixth House of Scorpio and the 11th House of Aries. The Sixth House can represent a conflict type of divorce. Mars also is activating “Rahu” in the Sixth House.

As of the divorce announcement on May 3rd, 2021 Bill Gates is in Mars-Jupiter period. However, notice that he enters Mars-Saturn on May 7th, 2021. We can associate this announcement more within Mars-Saturn. Saturn rules the Eight House of sudden news and breakups. This is the house of death and rebirth.

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