Thor’s spiritual journey began with a mystical awakening in 2010, which led him to explore various spiritual practices and teachings. He studied Peruvian Shamanism, practiced Reiki, and delved into non-duality philosophy. In 2013, he met his Teacher, who helped him realize that he was not his egoic false self. During this time, Thor was introduced to Vedic Astrology, and it became his mission to help others understand their karmic path and learn about the Self.

Thor learned Vedic Astrology from his Teacher, and later got formally certified at a vedic astrology school. He has since been applying this ancient science in modern ways, and has helped numerous clients gain a deeper understanding of their karma and find greater peace in their lives. In addition to astrology, Thor has also explored other forms of divination, including tarot. He has found that tarot can be a powerful tool for accessing the Higher Self and gaining insight into one’s unique karmic situations.

Thor currently offers astrology readings for individuals and businesses, as well as live tarot readings on TikTok Livestreams. He is also using astrology to better understand the cryptocurrency market. Despite his diverse background, Thor remains grounded in his Southern California roots, where he grew up skateboarding and listening to punk music. He graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Science in Political Science

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