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Vedic Astrologer

Thor Sandalwood

Thor’s journey into Vedic Astrology began with his own mystical journey of awakening in 2010. This led him to many spiritual teachers.  He studied Peruvian Shamanism and entering into trance states. He also became a certified Reiki practitioner. He later studied non-duality philosophy trying to get to the core of trying to figure out the nature of reality. He attended a satsang with Adyashanti where he experienced a shakti download. He finally met his teacher in 2013 who helped Thor realize that he was not the egoic false self. During this time of awakening, Thor was introduced to Vedic Astrology by his teacher. Thor came full circle in his realization that his everyday reality was all part of the absolute reality. He has made it his mission to help others know their karmic path with astrology and learn about the Self.

What is Astrology?

If you are curious to know what karma is ripening in your own life, take a look at the astrology readings I offer. This astrology is based on the ancient science of light known as vedic astrology. Your date of birth, time of birth, place of birth was not an accident. Your soul decided to be born at the precise place and time for your unique karma to unfold. The planets and stars are the keepers of your karmic record. The planets download your karma to you and this becomes your life experience.

An astrological reading helps you to understand your own unique karmic roadmap. It can reveal to you your strengths and karmic obstacles you face in your life. With this knowledge, you become more empowered.

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